Klaus Sandvik - bio

Klaus Sandvik was born in Bergen in 1966. Bachelor degree in composition from the Norwegian Academy of Music under the inspiring tutorship of professor Asbjørn Schaathun. Bachelor degree in mathematics and computer studies from the University of Oslo. Jazz-composition and improvisation at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA.

Klaus Sandvik has received commissions from several ensembles and performers including The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Cikada String Quartet, Variant 6, Hardanger Musikkfest, Telemark Brassensemble, Oslo String Quartet, Ensemble Fanfaronner, violonist Geir Inge Lotsberg, gitarist Ole Martin Huser-Olsen and singer Ingeborg Fangel Mo.

Afontibus ATB-CD09 "Geir Inge Lotsberg, Solo Violin" includes Sandviks works for solo violin.
Grong GMP-15018 "Telemark Brassensemble - Pop Machinery" presents Sandviks substantial work Pop Machinery.

Klaus Sandvik was awarded the EDVARD-prize in contemporary music in 2010 - work of the year - for his work "Prime Preparation" by the Norwegian performing rights society (TONO). In 2004 Sandvik wrote the official fanfare for the norwegian Abel-prize organization.

Klaus Sandviks music attempts to make a substantial impact on the listener and is based upon a wide understanding of possible listening experiences. His interest for formalized structures and their intrinsic qualities are often combined with a strong intention to create an organic and at the same time challenging development. One important ingredient in his treatment of different compositional material is to constantly monitor and evaluate its auditory potential, the energetic capacity of the sound. Another key element in his compositional process is an acute awareness of when and how musical material relates to referential musical heritage.

Member of the Norwegian Society of Composers since 2007.